Enterprise Web Applications

We build commercial grade, data-centric web applications tailored to suit the needs of our clients and their users. We specialize in applications that store, filter and summarize data that is collected from large populations of devices in real time enabling users to make sound decisions with less effort.

Features of our web applications include:

  • Configuration and control of mobile devices
  • Self-service provisioning, enablement and configuration of the host and mobile
  • Standardized integration - regardless of customer back-office platform by utilizing web services
  • Enterprise grade services that have the security and performance required by Fortune 500 companies
  • Geo-spatial presentation of data with digital maps, including aerial imagery
  • Pro-active alerts across multiples mediums and based on configurable monitoring parameters
  • High availability through redundant mirrored hosts in multiple physical locations

Large Scale Interactive Maps

A sample of a dashboard page that provides a graphical view of a large population of current mobile locations. The content is presented on an interactive map and updated dynamically.

Historical Data Presentations

A sample page containing detailed information about mobile locations, presenting the data in both list and graphic form and showing attributes of the mobile when it was at each location.

Custom Map Mashups

A sample of a data entry page in which the user can review, extend and modify complex information through an intuitive user interface that includes a mash-up with both Bing and Google maps.

KPI Dashboards

A sample of a summary dashboard page that provides fast, "at-a-glance" access to performance information based on inclusion and filter options that are user configurable and that persist between visits to the page. Detail data as reported by the mobile population and stored in the data warehouse has been summarized and is presented graphically in this case.

Responsive Design

Our web applications are designed and optimized for display on a large variety of platforms. We develop consciously for screen size differences, always keeping responsive behavior in mind. A consistent and functional user experience can be provided for:
  • Desktop
  • Laptop
  • Tablet
  • Mobile

Mobile Applications

A mobile specific application used by technicians during hardware installation and replacement. It allows the user to register devices, check diagnostic information and perform administrative actions while in the field using a smartphone or tablet. The application also offers a barcode scanner to seamlessly gather information from devices without the need to manually input data.